Saturday, August 29, 2015

MS LA Grading Scale and Grading Policies

Grade Categories:
35% Papers
25% Tests/Projects
25% Reading Notebook
15% Quizzes

All students are expected to maintain and document an independent reading life outside of school.  Occasional additional homework will be assigned in grammar and writing. All homework is checked for completion and assessed through Scholarly Habits
on the report card.

Reading Notebook:
All students are required to keep a reading notebook to act as evidence of their growing reading life.  Notebooks will be checked bimonthly. Requirements for these assessments are housed inside each students' reading notebook.

The Assessment of Writing:
All formal writing in language arts is graded according to the four qualities of writing (content, organization/structure, craft, and mechanics). Students will have project sheets and rubrics before each piece to help them in the creation of their work.

Extra Credit:
The only regular extra credit given in language arts comes from “Grammar Police.”
If students identify errors in published writing and can provide a correction,

they will earn +1/error on weekly quizzes up to +10 points.

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